Master’s Final Work: Collective and Collaborative Creation

Irene Lapuente (La Mandarina de Newton) was one of the professionals interviewed by Iasa Monique Ribeiro, during her research about Collective and Collaborative Creation for the Master’s Final Work (Master of Production and Cultural Communication, Faculty of Communication of Blaquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull).


In this work entitled ‘Collective and collaborative creation: towards a proposal for participatory project design‘, Iasa reflects on the theoretical and methodological aspects of these kind of projects. As one of the results of her work, Iasa proposes a series of guidelines to be used at the time of designing participatory projects of cultural creation. According to the author, this is a modest attempt to make the process of design more stringent and effective.

Part of the research was based on interviews carried out with different professionals with experience in managing participation in creative projects from Barcelona. Apart from Irene Lapuente from La Mandarina de Newton, the work features contributions from Juan Insua, Director of CCCB_LAB, Ruben Martinez, a member of ZZZINC and Free Culture Forum and participatory agent of MediaLab-Prado, and Tere Badia, Director of the Center Audiovisual Production and Research Hangar.


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