Tech Virtual Museum wins international prize awarded by the creators of Second Life

Expolab collaborates with the Tech Virtual Workshops in San Jose, California, awarded with the Linden Prize 2010

The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop has been awarded with the annual international Linden Prize 2010, a virtual space in which Expolab Citilab has made innovative contributions highly valued by both the San Jose museum itself and the organizers of the competition. The award is promoted by Linden Lab, creators of Second Life virtual world. The award was created by Linden Lab, the founders of the virtual world Second Life. The competition was tough, and Tech’s proposal was chosen from over 130 different projects. The award recognizes residents of Second Life or teams with $ 10.000 for innovative projects within Second Life to improve the way they work, learn and communicate in their everyday lives outside of this virtual world.

A more participatory exhibition spaces
The project Expolab has collaborated closely with the Tech Virtual Museum by creating a new concept of participatory exhibition where designers around the world have submitted prototypes that will become a corporeal exhibition in Citilab. The best projects were chosen on April the 8th by public voting online and offline (114 votes), both in our country and tin he USA with few hours difference.

These contributions have surprised the jury and have contributed in favor of the Tech proposals. Expolab was the first of its virtual workshops open to the participation of the all the cubes which made up the exhibition (and not just a single module, as before) and, moreover, that the winning projects were chosen by an open poll, instead of being chosen by a selected committee.

At the moment, we have already chosen the contents collectively through workshops and meetings with more than 60 people, co-created modules exhibition in Second Life with contributions from people of all ages and regions of the world, chosen the most popular modules by voting online and offline,  worked on the final design,. So now we have to  start building and transfering to the physical world, this exhibition that has been created in the virtual world with the participation of people worldwide. It is time to start thinking about how  to co-create workshops and tours for visitors who will develope the activities they want and need to enjoy this exhibition.

Institutional recognition
However, this is not the only news related to Expolab. These days we know that this project has been selected for the meet program grants from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), among more than 2.000 nominations. Good news, wich certainly will encourage this project and consolidate and develop new ones in the field of science and technology communication.


Reaching toward the final design of the first Expolab exhibition

During the months of April and May, Expolab team has been working hard on getting the final design of the first exhibition “From the contemplation of participation, and beyond.” Our starting point was the modules chosen by the general public: Connections, photography, digital sky, the bank of ideas and what is your opinion about security, and from there, we have worked on the details and the homogeneity of the whole exhibition.

This is an idea of the how the seven modules will look:

From now on we will start the construction work, and finally, we will see how the contribution of many people is embodied in a physical exhibition!

However, do not think that participation has come to an end, there are still many stages where we need ideas, requests, suggestions of all the people who are following this project. We will let you know all the activities we are planning in order to develope activities, courses and events around this exhibition as soon as we know the dates…

The opening day is getting closer and that makes us be very exited… At the moment, we can celebrate that we have a final design!


Working with the winning designs for a coherent exhibition

During the months of April and May, Expolab team is working hard to make the most votes prototypes generated digitally in a virtual world like Second Life. The idea is to create an exhibition that makes a short tour on the science, the technology and the humanity behind the changes that Internet and new technologies has generated in our lives. However, we want to build an exhibition with more than one way of reading it and we will ask visitors to propose their personal route and even to tell us how  they would use the space for creating activities and workshops around this contents.

We show you some images of this process and we look forward to hearing from you!


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