ICT Case 2012 solved! At last, we know the name of the winners

The most intriguing mystery of  ICT Case 2012, has been solved. Finally we know the name of the winners of this micro-stories competition.  In total we have received 88 short stories,  composed with less than 800 words, around Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). An outstanding participation rate indeed, 56 stories witten by Upper Primary Education students and 22 stories created by Secondary School students, coming from 13 different schools.

The call for was jointly managed by the L’Altra Ràdio of Radio 4, the Departament d’Ensenyament, La Mandarina of Newton and the science teacher and writer of literature of intrigue, Jordi de Manuel.


Winners and finalists
These are the micro-stories rated by the jury:

Higher Primary Category
Winner: The supercomputer, designed by Marc Bosch Galdeano, 5th year student at the Col·legi Sant Miquel (Barcelona). Teacher coordinator: Montse Coderch
Finalists: Supercomputers (Antoni Sisó Farré), A world without A (Adrià Cavero ) and Reasons of the Heart (Laura Arribas). Students of Col·legi Sant Miquel (Barcelona).

Secondary School Category
Winner: No signal, designed by Deborah Ramirez, Felix Guijarro, Soraya Alcayada, Areli Fernández, Cristina Ruiz, Daniele Lenoir, Juan Salguero, Reading Group of 2th of ESO . Joan Miró Institute (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat). Teacher coordinator: Meritxell Monsonís.
Finalists: New intelligence (Judith Parés de Tera) and Colors (Mireia Martínez Rubio), works created by students of the Montgròs Institute (Sant Pere de Ribes), and Diary of a fellow (Laia Fernández Villanueva) of Princess Margaret School (Barcelona).

General Category
Winner: Zzzzmmm, work of Esteve Martorell i Esteve
Finalists: The importance of having an iPod (Marco Felipe) IES Vicens Vives (Girona), The Rose Club (Isabel Bonany Solà) and The Mysterious katana (Jesus Martin Rivera).


The jury of ICT Case 2012 has been composed by:
Jordi de Manuel, writer (President).
Irene Lapuente, physics and founder of La Mandarina de Newton
Pitu Martínez, teacher and specialist in ICT for education.
Cinto Niqui, journalist and director of L’Altra Ràdio


The radio version is still in process …
All winning entries and finalists will be posted on the website of L’Altra Ràdio and the Co-Creating Cultures Blog of La Mandarina Newton. The three winning entries will be re-adapted in radio version and will be broadcasted by L’Altra Ràdio in June 2012. This edition will also include the radio version of the  Guatzsap short story, written for the ICT Case of 2012 by Jordi de Manuel.


…And as an invitation to co-create on the Internet
La Mandarina de Newton will make several open proposals for co-creating nano-stories through social networks to all Internet users. A new story will be co-created each week during the month of June, starting with the first sentence of the three winning stories and the story Guatzsap. This initiative, called “To Be Continued …” will propose the participants to continue the story by adding new sentences starting from the first one. The co-creative process will take place in parallel

This co-creation will take place in parallel on the Co-Creating Cultures Blog, Co-Creating Cultures Facebook and Twitter @cocreatingcult. New nano-sories (even shorter stories) will be created inspired by the begginings by the beginnings of the winning stories and built from the participation of several people. Modelling the evolution of the same history across different platforms will provide us a wide variety of rich and interesting stories.


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