La Mandarina de Newton and Science of the City in Zagreb!

During this weekend (February, 1st-3rd, 2013) La Mandarina de Newton is going to Zagreb, Croatia. There we will participate in a series of events to promote science, organized by Ecsite’s member Aquis and L’Atelier des Jours à Venir. Irene Lapuente, the founder of La Mandarina de Newton, will present our project Science of the City. It will be a busy weekend: there will be workshops, video screenings, roundtables, interviews…

Some of these events will be open to the public. Tomorrow there will be an open lecture and interactive conference as well as the opening of the Science of the City exhibition at the Student Center. On Saturday there will be a video screening of some of the videos of the project and people will have the opportunity to make suggestions and questions about the topics at the intersection of  Science/Technology/City.

This is La Mandarina de Newton across borders!!

We will come back to you soon with the results of this intense weekend!

¡Science of the City also on Facebook!


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