Critical Design Cycle: summary of Miquel Porta's Presentation

On friday, January 18th, Dr. Miquel Porta, an internationally recognized researcher and an expert on the field ‘Internal Contamination’, was at the Mandarina Space to lead a debate within our Critical Design Cycle.

We discussed about the different aspects of this complex problem that affects our society. ‘We are all contaminated!’ highlighted Miquel Porta.

The existence of persistent toxic compounds in our bodies is a reality. We may not all be conscious, but we ‘ingest’ contaminants when we breath, eat, drink… Needless to say, the presentation generated an interesting debate between the participants. In the end, we challenged them to reflect on the subjects discussed and to write down in post-its the positive and negative aspects of the topic, their doubts, worries… Very interesting ideas came out! We will now continue to work on these ideas on the next activity of the Critical Design Cycle, which will take place on March 1st. It will be the first participatory workshop of the cycle with which we aim to begin a process of critical and speculative design based on the ideas that arose during this talk.

Remember that you can watch the full presentation of Miquel Porta in our YouTube channel. Here you have the first video (of six):

In the channel, you can also find the presentations of Roger Ibars and Lisa Ma, the two designers that we had the pleasure to have at our space in December. They discussed the concepts behind critical and speculative design.

Check all the photos of the session in our Facebook page.


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