HackingBullipedia: opening up the egg of global creativity

Telefónica I + D and Bullifoundation have chosen us to support a new adventure of Ferran Adrià’s creative machine. We have been commissioned to carry on the design, production and management of the HackingBullipedia Global Challenge, an international competition that invites the world’s best universities and the most creative minds to help build Bullipedia.

Bullipedia is a repository of gastronomic wisdom that not only will collect information about recipes, food culture, preparation methods, traditional culinary techniques and the Bulli own ones. It also will contain aspects of creativity, the trademark of Ferran Adrià and his team of permanent innovators.

This video gives a first hint of what Bullipedia could be.


Here Ferran Adrià in Wired UK presents how they arrived to the Bullipedia idea.


The project is colossal and requires integrating disparate knowledge in different languages and from different perspectives to serve the knowledge needs and creative demands of multiple stakeholders. Internet has a lot of useful information for Bullipedia. But does all the necessary technology to collect, index it, organize it, translate it, view it, distribute it exist?

This is the main challenge Telefónica I + D and Ferran Adrià believe  that can be solved by inviting the most creative minds and most talented students from the most prestigious universities in the world. And we have been asked to rochestate this process.  It looks like a contest to use but it is not only a contest. We drew from our experience in this type of .

From the outset, we have been able to help translate the questions that boil in the construction of Bullipedia into a number of usage scenarios like this one:

From visual information about a product or combination of products, how can we identify information about its taste?

So we created with Telefónica I + D HackingBullipedia as a process open to students and academics who want to respond to the major challenges of building the Bullipedia. You have all the information in the website.

We are contacting with teachers and students from the best universities in the world in technology and design which is a great pleasure. And a big responsibility too.


The global creativity storm has just begun!.


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