At the I Jornadas de Divulgación Innovadora D+I

Etopia Center for Art & Technology organizes the I Jornadas de Divulgación Innovadora D+I  (I Conference on Innovative Outreach R&D) with the aim of exploring new ways to communicate science. Communicators, scientists and the general public will be reflecting on the importance of science communication and on new and innovative ways of communicating it.

The Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, in collaboration with the City Council, aims to offer a very dynamic program that reflects the fusion of different fields such as science, theater, dance, magic, literature, music, gastronomy or humor. For that, and in order to inspire and stimulate the participants, the organization has selected examples of multidisciplinary projects and invited their protagonists to present and openly discuss them with the audience. Two of the selected projects are Science of the City and TalentLab. Irene Lapuente from La Mandarina de Newton will be at the roundtable ‘Ciencia que se cuela por las rendijas’, on Saturday 19th of October, at 12 pm.

To warm things up, the meeting’s organization asked the speakers to send a brief pre-meeting reflection text. Here you have ours:

Bridging the gap between science, the city and the public

What is Science? Where can we find it? Who owns it? A priori, one might think that these are random questions, even, pointless questions… Well, this is not the case.

What is science? this is a non-trivial question to which we have been dedicating many and varied kinds of workshops. The first time we decided to work and explore this question with images, post-its and dialogues was at the Youth Detention Center of Roca del Vallès, Barcelona. The answers and conclusions that came out were not only surprising and inspiring, but also extremely interesting. The inmates highlighted the value of scientific knowledge for its ability to be reasoned, shared and improved in a practical and straightforward way. It was amazing to listen to them, a really rewarding experience.

Where to find it? this is the starting point of the project Science of the City, developed by La Mandarina de Newton, with the support of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology from the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, the ‘La Caixa’ Foundation, the Institute of Culture of Barcelona, the Tech Museum of San Jose in California and the Association Paris-Montagne. The participants of the video contest were able to find science in many ‘corners’: in the sink, the kitchen, on the streets, in the cars, the garden, the cookies… We have always believed that science is an attitude, a way of looking at and interpreting our surroundings and ourselves, and not a static, confined knowledge.

Who owns it? this, we have also been questioning in our projects; in La Mandarina de Newton we believe that science is one more ‘commons’. Science is for everyone, it is something human, social, political, economic… and, yes, also scientific. That is why we think that the distance between science, the city and the public must be reduced. These are the mottos of our projects and exhibitions.

We began the adventure in the field of co-creation exhibitions with the project ‘From contemplation to Participation and Beyond’ and we continued it with Science of the City and TalentLab, among others.

From on-site to on-line workshops, or from video contests to dialogues with artists, we investigate the paths that lead us to collective learning and co-creation, because we believe science is an attitude that can be at any place, accessible to all.

Irene Lapuente

Just a few hours from the starting of the conference, we are very excited and eager to meet other interesting projects, other colleagues, other points of view… We hope this meeting will be a success and an opportunity to get mutually inspired.

We’ll keep you informed!


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