Mandarina Beer Cafè - 2nd Session


La Mandarina de Newton is pleased to invite you to the 2nd Mandarina Beer Cafè Session with the artist Iris Heitzinger!!


From La Mandarina de Newton we aim to contribute as citizens of Barcelona to create a space, the Mandarina Beer Cafès, where we can discuss the topics we are passionate about: science, art, technology, design and learning.


We have chosen a topic that motivates us a lot and that has to do with knowledge, memory and learning: The Body of Knowledge. That is, the kind of knowledge that originates from the fact that we have a body, we experience with that body and that body exists in a specific context.


During the different Beer Cafès sessions (several Fridays, to be defined) we will be exploring different ways of understanding the body, the knowledge and we will be contrasting different ways of understanding them, some will be more phenomenological, others more biological and others will be influenced by the artistic experience of the body and the movement.

The 2nd session will take place on Friday, January 30, at 7 pm, at the Mandarina Space.


GUEST / 2nd SESSION (30/01)
Iris Heitzinger, Artist, Dance and Performance


Link Evenbrite

/ 936.673.774


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