There’s only a few days left until the first participatory meeting organized by the Expolab team. Thursday January 14th at 17:00 we will gather with about thirty people who will help us to start the process of creating the first participatory exhibition organized by Citilab and la Mandarina de Newton.

The workshop will be a co-design session. We will provide activities and the participants give us their interpretation. With everybodies collaboration we will work towards the best design for the first exhibition produced by Citilab! During a three hour session we will work on issues related to changes that impacted our daily lives because of the development of the Internet and digital technology. With the help of images, memories and words, we trigger the participants to express how they have experienced the changes in their life over the recent years. The most creative, fun and charismatic group receives a bottle of champagne …

For now, we are finalizing the details and getting everything ready, so that the participants will enjoy the session a lot and good ideas will come up. Stay in tune, we will explain more later!


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