The design contest in Second Life starts now!

During the last two weeks we have been working with all the material that we collected during the expo-design workshops on 12, 13 and 14th of January. Finally, we have categorized the stories that you shared with us into five blocks, to show how the Internet and digital technologies have changed our daily life. In the first exhibition will examine how the evolution of the Internet has changed the way we share memories, connect with others, we travel in time and space, work, and experience safety. We will structure your input into cubes that explain both the more social side of these changes, as well as the technology behind it. The idea is that these cubes are our proposal, we do not only want visitors to contemplate the changes, but we also want them to participate in the experience. We invite visitors of the exhibition to upload photos, experience a feeling or add their opinion. In short, we aim that the public is, again, the protagonist, and the building of this exhibition only finishes with their visit.

All the material is already available on the website of the Tech Virtual Museum, it is part of the reference material for anyone who wants to participate in the design competition organized by Citilab Cornella and the Tech Museum in San Jose, California. We invite you to upload your design proposals! You can use Second Life as a tool, but this is not required. You can also use pictures, videos, drawings, SolidWorks or any other design tool. The design competition is open now, proposals can be uploaded untill March 25th. Good luck to all!


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