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In this post you’ll find the link to the platform that lets you vote the exhibit that you like the most. Remember that you can only vote once and for a single exhibit proposal.

With these votes we are looking to find out which is the exhibit prototype that you like the most. Bear in mind that the most voted option  will be finally built to the meet and it will be possible to see them if you visit Citialb Cornella. Therefore you have to take into account in your assessment how feasible you think the exhibit proposal is. We also want you to know tell you that the exhibition we are preparing will have as a title: “From contemplation to participation and beyond”. It main goal is to show how new technologies (for example, the Internet) have changed our lives. We want the exhibition to show anedcotes that illustrate the socia effect of the technologies but also, and very importantly,  to make very understandable the science and technology that is behind all this changes. This exhibition is part of a project that aims to introduce public participation into the world of sicence and technology exhibitions, so do not forget the value of participative aspect that the an exhibit that you like may have. It is an important factor. You will find more information about the projects in previous posts and at the Tech Virtual Museum web page.

Thank you for your cooperation and we are looking forward for your vote!


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