Active participation in the 2.0 for cultural institutions workshop

As a first example of the collaboration between Expolab/Citilab and CCCB-Lab yesterday we facilitated the first workshop in a series about 2.0 methods for innvoation and participation in cultural institucions.

Irene Lapuente, Ramon Sangüesa and Enric  Senabre facilitated the workshop. On twitter, if you search for the hashtag #cult20 you can find the corresponding tweets. Carolina Gaona managed to keep a live blogging record of the event (In Spanish). You also have info on I+C+i blog.

And also the I+C+i team that Juan Insua leads at CCCLab, did an excellent job of preparation and documentation online. Maria Farràs and Eva  Alonso were at the right place all the time and Juan did the  specific interventions but very precise in providing some crucial points to debate.

You can find some photos ofit all in Flickr, all thanks to the photographer Carlos Cazurra. We al soon wiil be able to post video material coordinated  by Jordi Carrasco and Alex, our camera.

In an upcoming post we will discuss the “in extenso” what happened and what was learned in the workshop. In fact, we have three more workshops , one month and two more at the CCCB to the meet, given the avalanche of requests for participation (the hashtag # cult20 yesterday was the third to twitter all over Spain). Yesterday we began to move the technological support to create a good discussion group where, in addition, can articulate joint participants, leading to collaborative practice methodologies with users who only yesterday we tasted.

Here’s the initial outline of the presentation is only a skeleton to locate the points of discussion and put into practice.


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