Reaching toward the final design of the first Expolab exhibition

During the months of April and May, Expolab team has been working hard on getting the final design of the first exhibition “From the contemplation of participation, and beyond.” Our starting point was the modules chosen by the general public: Connections, photography, digital sky, the bank of ideas and what is your opinion about security, and from there, we have worked on the details and the homogeneity of the whole exhibition.

This is an idea of the how the seven modules will look:

From now on we will start the construction work, and finally, we will see how the contribution of many people is embodied in a physical exhibition!

However, do not think that participation has come to an end, there are still many stages where we need ideas, requests, suggestions of all the people who are following this project. We will let you know all the activities we are planning in order to develope activities, courses and events around this exhibition as soon as we know the dates…

The opening day is getting closer and that makes us be very exited… At the moment, we can celebrate that we have a final design!


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