We have a winner!

Today we have organized the voting session at Citilab and online to find out which  proposal the most popular. The polls are now closed! People could vote either via the blog (in Catalan, Spanish and English) or in situ at Citilab using the platform located  to http://expolab.net/local/.  After adding up all votes (114 total) the winner is…  Maria Bobes, with her design proposal  proposed “Connections“!

If you want to feel closer to what happened today, listen to the following audio tracks:

  • Irene Lapuente explaining what proposal has won and what will happen afterwards with it
  • Maria Bobes talking about her views before knowing the results (in Spanish).

We leave these tracks for you to listen  and we go to celebrate. We have a lot of work to homogenize  all proposal because we have to start building the physical exhibition very soon!


First exhibit designs and new meetings with users

This month we are meeting weekly  in Second Life with designers and enthusiasts who want to collaborate with the Expolab project. The area reserved to Citilab within the Tech Museum Island in Secon Life is now becoming populated with cubes  representing the real and virtual connections, the new experience of instantaneity how  the way we share memories through photography has changed… etc..

Agent Heliosense the avatar in charge of virtual interactions at the  Tech Museum of Innovation in California is always there during the meetings. But we also come across with other avatars. For example,  Quantum Mechanics or Ozzy Wozniak. Some of them come from Barcelona, but many other are from other places as far away as the United States or Vietnam. In Second Life the expolab teams morphs into  Mandarina Parabola, Oskar JustTheCook, Hector  Zamarung and Ingrid Kimono.

Last week, the Expolab team introduced its own proposal, that represents the world of photography. From  the possession of a unique and cherished photography of yesteryear to storing many images in Flickr, Facebook or Twitter. The space also talks about how the basic principles of photography are the same in both analog  and digital cameras, i.e, a set of lenses that focus es light onto a surface. We even propose to build a pinhole camera. But we also analyze the differences between printing the image on photographic paper, that needs to undergo a process of chemical developement developed, and a few chemicals, and doing on a semi-conductor that is able to encode o information  carried by light into zeros and ones, a language that can be understood by computers. Thanks to this we can store and manipulate images easily.

Moreover, these days we have also had visits from some participants of the expo-design workshop held on¡January 14th at Citilab. We talked for houw about  what other people  had devised in Second Life, and also about new ideas that some of the participatnts still wanted to share with us. Maria Bobes, for example, has left us some proposals for improving the design of the cube about connections, the one that explores the idea of human relationships through technology.

We encourage anyone who is interested in this project to send his or her own proposals  to us, either using Second Life, or simply by typing a text, making drawings, sending pictures and videos, or coming to Citilab Cornella to talk with us. Our email address is: equip.expolab @ gmail.com.


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