Grants, prizes and a good start!

The summer holidays are over, but we begin this new year with good news.

On the one hand, we celebrate that the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) has granted us with some financial support and it has become a
Science of the City sponsor.

On the other hand, today we learned that the most voted video of the Science of the City Video Contest in the French category was “Effet Doppler- Doppler Effect“. This will be the winning video of the prize sponsored by the NGO Paris-Montagne and Science Académie. For now, we leave you with the Constant Bourdeloux‘s video and we go on working on the next phase of the project. We have already started the research on the videos submitted and soon we will start working with artists on them. Do not miss it because there is a lot to be seen!


Science of the City, a polyglot project

Science of the City has received a dozen videos in French. Thanks to these recent contributions, 50 videos have been submitted and three languages ​​(English, Spanish and French) have been used. Science of the City achieves a compilation of scientific, social, artistic and multilingual videos in this first phase of the project.

The Paris-Montagne NGO has collaborated actively through workshops, broadcast and voting processes, in order to add one language more to this project. The results are very interesting. Among the many videos we have received, you can find accurate explanations for phenomena such as the Doppler effect, very special discoveries such as small creatures that inhabit the city or the Lotus super hydrophobia, actual experiments and an interesting survey where the citizens of Paris are asked what is science of the city for them. Here we show you some exemples, but if you are intereted in seeing all them, check Science of the City. We also encourage you to follow the rest of the project, we still have to deliver the prize for the best video in French (we will do it in September), analyze all the videos, see the artistic interpretations of Fine Arts students, build an exhibition …


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