Museums are not buildings but processes

An activity. A museum is not the building, not even its collection, although works are the DNA of many museums, a museum is but an activity for citizens, which can be done anywhere. Vicente Todoli, ex-director of the Tate Modern

Vicent Todolí , who was in charge of Valencia’s  IVAM and the Tate Modern with this sentence highlights a very important aspect in the evolution of cultural institutions: the move towards an activity- and the process-centric vuews and also the approximation to citizens.

This is precisely our line of work. We started with the clear idea about  cultural institutions (among which we always had included science and technology museums and center). We think of cultural activities moving from objects as the core to processes and the relationship with citizens. That is why we insist so much in finding new ways of involvement and co-creation and new opportunities to carry them out. A street can be used to explain science. A private home for  inviting audiences to see new theatrical performances. In fact this las idea was one of the projects proposed by participants in the workshops about 2.0  practices for cultural practices that we run in Barcelona and other places.


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