Science of the City in Menorca

During this weekend, from thursday 16th to saturday 18th of May, La Mandarina de Newton will be in Menorca to present Science of the City’s project. These days, at the Institut Menorquí d’Estudis (IME) in Mahon, it will take place the 7th European Spring School on History of Science and Popularization, this year dedicated to the topic ‘Science on Television’.

During this edition, students, scholars, researchers and professionals will have the opportunity to discuss the roles Television and Science play in our daily lives. Irene Lapuente (La Mandarina de Newton) will be participating in the conference and will present the project Science of the City on the last day of the event. Some of the videos from the first and second edition will be shown to the participants.

We will keep you updated!


New videos at our Science of the City platform

There are two new entries on our Science of the City #2 platform. The videos are the result of the workshop we held last March in Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Atelier des Jours à Venir and New Urban Collective. As we mentioned in previous posts, this workshop took place in Bijlmer, Amsterdam, with the aim of encouraging kids to question and explore the science behind their urban daily life. During these two months ‘post-workshop’, the students have been working on their ideas and proposals and the end result are these two videos: one, in which they question the quality of the water: Can we infer the quality of the water by its color?, and other, in which they explore the properties of the butane gas: Why is gas invisible?. – By now you can see the original videos, in Dutch; soon the subtitles will be also available.


Next April 19, these videos will be exhibited at the Amsterdam Science & Film Festival, at the Nemo Museum.


Science of the City at the Amsterdam Science & Film Festival

The third edition of the Amsterdam Science & Film Festival will take place during the 18t, 19 and 20 of April. Over thirty scientific videos under the theme ‘Cities of the Future’ will be exhibited in four iconic institutions of Amsterdam: EYE Film Institute, Filmacademie, Nemo Museum and the Institut Français / Maison Descartes. Apart from the video screening, the public will have also the opportunity to participate in workshops and roundtables. The videos will enter in a competition and the last day of the festival the winners of the two categories ‘Grand Prix’ and ‘New Talent Award’ will be announced. Here you can check the full program of the Festival.

La Mandarina de Newton will be also present at this festival! The Science of the City videos produced by the Bijlmer children that participated in the workshop we organized in March, will be exhibited at the Nemo Museum on the 19th. As you might recall, this workshop was organized in collaboration with the Atelier des Jours à Venir and the New Urban Collective with the aim to motivate the kids to question and explore the science hidden in streets of Amsterdam.

We are eager to see the final result of the workshop during the Festival!


Science of the City #2! Join us!


Starting the science engines of the city!

The city is an incredible educational resource. It is full of scientific and technological findings. It is the perfect place to ask oneself new questions and engage others in new experiments. And, best of all, it is close to many of us!

Science of the City” aims to highlight all these qualities which are currently present in our cities. This project is aimed at those who are curious, creative and playful. The idea is to go into the city in a different way, trying to see the science that lurks in every corner and show it a creative video… that has to be less than two minutes long.

This project was born from la Mandarina de Newton and has the support of institutions around the world such as The Tech Museum, Arts Santa Monica and Transit Projectes. It is an open international competition to promote the creation of videos in Spanish and English, but other languages are welcome!

The different categories of this contests are:

  • Discovery: what have you discovered in your city that has some science behind it?
  • Experiment: use the city to show and explain a scientific principle. Create an experiment based in your city!
  • Question: what is your scientific question related to your city? Have you also the answer?

We invite you to go out and look for science and technology on the pavement, on the walls, in the parks, all around the city…  Are you able to find in the city fossils?  rare animals?  new lighting systems?  motion detectors? astronomical observatories? Go, shoot, edit and share your videos about them! We also invite you to think of a scientific experiment that could be done in your city. What is the relationship between Newton’s first law and the subway? Could you check the laws of fluids in your city? Finally, we encourage you to ask yourself some scienctific questions and to try to find (or not) the answers: Why the sky is more white in  cities than in the mountains? How can the water rise to a tap on a third floor apartment?… Surely you have many other questions! Go and use your city to answer them!

Once you have chosen your discovery, experiment or question… shoot an original, artistic, creative video, shorther than 2 minutes. Upload it to your YouTube account and open a new project in the “Science and the City” call at the new Tech Virtual website. Soon, we’ll show you the link to the Tech Virtual website to upload your projects. There will be prizes for the best videos!

Just to start your creative engines and to let you see what kind of videos you could do for each category, here you have three sample video corresponding to the three possible categories: discovery, experiment and question.

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