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As a result of the joint work of CoCreating Cultures and more than 150 professionals of art, museums, science and technology, a group of participants in the workshops “2.0 Practices for Cultural Institutions” decided to start a research project on participatory aspects in all these fields.

Working on creativity processes

A+C+C CoCreation (only by invitation) Project is the platform used to sustain collaboration all along the project.

The theme for this year’s work is “The Exhibition” and it is centered on working on this format from the point of view of participation and cocreation.

Our workplan is divided into several “moments” corresponding to the preparation, deployment and closing of an exhibition as a starting, convenient way to focus on different problems of each phase.


  • Develop a method of  collaborative work for participatory experience
  • Documentation of collaborative practices in the fields of culture, science, technology and art
  • Creation of a network of professionals who can work together on new, professional projects.
  • Doing research in these type of new dynamics.
  • Search partners, alliances and propose research projects with national and European funding
  • Revitalize the cultural sector from the perspective of participation.

Work method

  • Three phases of work will succesively opened. Each one will have a duration of  two months. In each study cases in three “moments” of participatory processes  will be studied and completemented in conjunction with the professionals participating in the workshops of 2010.  The “moments” are the following ones:
    • Reaching out to the public and  invitation to participate: includes communication, dialogue with the public interest and understanding of the preparation of a possible joint project.
    • Co-design processes with the public and co-oriented activity in question: exhibition, workshop, installation, creation of audiovisual content, documentation, etc..
    • The realization and monitoring of the activity itself  both to evaluate it and to  learn more from it.
  • Each phase will be the responsibility of a facilitator who will manage processes for generating ideas about the case study, its review and criticism, the generation of alternative proposals and the actual realization of  the synthesis workshops.
  • The entire process is documented online and on different supports (paper, downloadable pdfs and / or audiovisual material).

Results and deliverables

1. Summary of the first phase: approach to public and dialogue building
2. Summary of the second phase: processes of co-design  and co-creation
3. Summary of the third phase: monitoring processes and monitoring activities, evaluation and feedback
4. Document with research observations

Group dynamics and responsibilities

  • Responsible for maintaining the project platform: Barbara Sansone
  • Facilitator of the working processes of each phase: Jordi Güell and Irene Lapuente
  • Communication: Flora Bacquelaine and Pelayo Muniz
  • Documentation, references and links to projects of interest: Emmanuelle Bresson
  • Support and monitoring of research: Janine Sprünker, Ricard Monistrol
  • General Coordinator: Ramon Sangüesa

Work space

This is the workspace where we will show the result of the project in participatory culture CoCreation in Art, Science, Technology and Culture that is emerging from the “Workshops on 2.0 practices for cultural institutions” celebrated in 2010.

If you want more information, send us an e-mail to cocreatingcultures at gmail dot com


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