November 13th to 20th: CoCreating Cultures transdisciplinary week

Within La Mandarina Newton, CoCreating Cultures is the area for projects on collective creation. These always involve working with people from various fields of knowledge. It is a luxury and a challenge at once.

Our method of research is inspired by design. So, when we want to ask ourselve a research question about collaboration, diversity and transdisciplinarity we create a situation where all these can come together and then, at the same time, we create something new and do research on the process. To have the chance to do that is a privilege and a challenge at the same time!

And on the week that starts on November 13th, we are going to have and share a double dose of all that!

To start with, we co-organize the seminar on Knowledge Federation. Then we’ll move on to the “Common Grounds” workshop that we have designed and will facilitate during the meetings “Encounters of Art, Science and Thought” that is organized each year by the Arts Santa Monica centre. This year the theme is “Sinergies”.  The goal is to co-create the design brief of a three-day exhibition that will illustrate collaboration between art and science. And we will do this with the members of leading science and art centers from all over the world as well as with professionals in the areas of art, science, design, architecture, technology and education. An exhilarating challenge!.

But here today  we will only talk about the first of the two actions:  the Knowledge Federation workshop.

Knowledge Federation: CoCreating an Innovation Ecosystem for “good” Journalism

In this case the situation of collaborative creation, consists in designing a platform for journalism inspired by the principles, methods and technologies of Knowledge Federation, an initiative inspired by Douglas Engelbart seminal work and encouraged by the dedication of Dino Karabeg, Jack Park and many others.

The format is fast and integrative: an initial presentation of the overall features of “good” Journalism focusing on the deliberative dimensions that corresponds to journalism in a democratic society. Then we move on to sharing different perspectives using the  Pecha Kucha approach (we hope you contribute with yours too! There’s time till the 10th of November) and the World Vision Café format to design the features for journalism platforms geared towards making systemic innovation emerge. The third day, grand finale, we end with a Hackathon that will start form the design specification co-created the previous two days.

There will be presentations by Paddy Coulter, David Price, Dino Karabeg, Ramon Sangüesa, @ ramonsang, Mei Lin Fung, Xavier Mas de Xaxàs (here his Wikidiario profile),  @ masdexaxas and Joan Joaquim Carreras, @ janquim, among others (for example you!).

If you want to participate, you can send an e-mail sent to Ramon Sangüesa ( or Dino Karabeg ( with the subject “KF 2011 Barcelona participation.” Extension, whichever you want. Format: whichever you want (visual, text, …).Important details here (“How to join”).  If you cannot make it to Barcelona, videoconference participation is also possible. Just tell us.  There is time only for, apporimately, 20 more contributors.

Time: until 10 November.


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