CCCB, June 27th: Participatory Design Workshop of proposals around City-Labs

Here is the text describing the activity that we organized at CCCB, together with I+C+I (CCCB Lab), on the concept of “the city as a laboratory”. This is a concept that is being developed in different versions around the world. In Barcelona the City Council is promoting the idea of the city as a “Cultural Laboratory” and we wanted to open up a design-centered activity to explore the concept with citizens.

According to our line of work, the idea is to open participation and work together with the participants to develop proposals. We will start online well before the actual event at the CCCB. Feel free to share this invitation with everybody: the important thing is to get diversity. We want experts and non-experts, but mostly people willing to create their own version of a city learning for transformation emerges.



Send an email to explaining what concept of laboratory city you want to work on, some of your previous related experiences  and if there is some specific project that you want to work on.

The metaphor of the city as a laboratory has been well received because it incorporates a component of urban and cultural experimentation. What form will adopt these new “laboratory cities”? What connection do they have with digital culture? Are this cities organic developments or planned projects? How can a city orchestrate its transformation into a laboratory city in an inclusive way? Will be Barcelona a laboratory city? Will it be a network of laboratories or the bets will go again to a large complex of laboratory facilities instead?

10-14h / 16-18h / / “LAB Cities” Workshop. With CoCreating Cultures – La Mandarina de Newton and Laura Forlano.

In this workshop we will work on proposals to articulate the concept of laboratory city. We will follow a collaborative design process that can become the basis for further in-depth development.

Places are limited: register by sending a e-mail to:
Workshop + Debate price: 6 € (when registering you will be informed of the terms of payment). Free for Friends of the CCCB

19-21h / / DEBATE “Citizenship and action in the city laboratory.” Participants: Laura Forlano, Inés Garriga (Department of Creativity and Innovation ICUB) and Antoni Nicolau (Director of IAAC). Moderator: Ramon Sangüesa (UPC and CoCreating Cultures).

A discussion on the role of citizen’s action in the laboratory city. If the city becomes a laboratory: what is going to be researched there? What is an innovation in this perspective? Who is going to do this? And who is going to decide what to do research and innovation on?.

Debate Price: 3 €. Reduced ticket € 2.50, under 25 years and retired. Free for Friends of the CCCB, unemployed  people and teachers of the Generalitat. Tickets may be purchased at Tele-Entrada or at the desk of the CCCB.


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M. Foth, Laura Forlano, Christien Satchell and Martin Gibbs (Eds.) From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen: Urban Informatics, Social Media, Ubiquitous Computing, and Mobile Technology to Support Citizen Engagement. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011.

On the change of the term “laboratory” and its democratizing potential: Ramon Sangüesa. “La tecnocultura i la Seva democratització: soroll, Límits i Oportunitats dels labs / Technoculture and its Democratization: noise, limits and opportunities of the labs “. Revista d’Etnologia de Catalunya, número 38, 2012.

On the future of the medialabs: VV.AA. The future of the LAB. Baltan Laboratories, 2010.

On the forms of participation and operation of the Technoculture: From Mobile Playgrounds to sweatshop City. Situated Technologies Pamphlet 7: Fall 2010.


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