The sessions on Critical Design start!

进化 – From image to science, from science to design and back

Vesalius' "Anatomy"

Decoding images  from the past and designing objects that aim at the future in order to examine challenges of high scientific content of the present.

"Jet Lag" from the "HWD Corporation" series. Roger Ibars.

Four conferences and workshops from December to April at Barcelona’s Ateneu and Espai Mandarina.

A joint project by the Ateneu de Barcelona and La Mandarina de Newton. Here you have the full description in pdf.

On  December 11th at 7pm in Room Oriol Bohigas at Barcelona’s Ateneu we will attend and participate shortly by presenting the entire cycle and La Mandarina de Newton presentation, then we will facilitate workshops at Espai Mandarina.

In brief: the conferences at Ateneu will give concepts and insights for the workshops and what happens in the Critical Design workshops will be fed back to the next conference at the Ateneu.

Focus: critical and speculative design

“[Critical Design] does not seek to produce immediately “useful” objects, but rather meditative, harrowing, always beautiful object-based scenarios. In an early-2008 interview, Dunne explained, “Usually, designers would make technology more user-friendly, easier to use, more attractive. But as technology is becoming more complex, and the impact it might have on our lives becomes more dramatic, designers are starting to use imaginary design products to debate and discuss future possibilities. Design in that way can facilitate a debate about whether we want these futures or not.” Paula Antonelli.

From "Farmification". Lisa Ma.

Science and technology evolve so fast that challenge us with possibilities whose practical implementations pose deep dilemmas. That is why an approach based on the Critical and Speculative Design may be a good way to help our sensemaking.  Hence the collaboration between Ateneu and La Mandarina de Newton within the  Project Platform Co-Creating Cultures.

What will we do in the first workshop?

  • An initial presentation on Critical Design by reowned designers Roger Ibars and Lisa Ma at Espai Mandarina.
  • Roger and Lisa will present the main concepts of Critical and Speculative Design.
  • They will discuss projects that fit into this way of approaching design.
  • They will explore possibilities for projects to be developed in subsequent workshops organized around one of the topics that will be addressed in the series, “The image of science” in the science section of the Barcelona’s Ateneu.

Addressed to: General Public, Scientists, technologists, designers and artists.

Registration: Please make your registration using eventbrite: or, if you prefer, you can send us an email to:

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