Expolab's team shares with other professionals its workshop

Expolab team shares with other professionals its workshop “2.0 Projects. Practices for cultural institutions”. Social networks are a wonderful communication tool. This also applies for museums and other cultural institutions. The 2.0 spirit can progressively impregnate all the institutional body, transforming internal processes and its relationship with the public. Are we ready to incorporate collective intelligence judgement? Where are the limits? The Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB), Citilab and the Mandarina de Newton organize conferences addressed to cultural institutions to promote the debate among them regarding 2.0 philosophy with its promises and dilemmas and as an engine that can change the cultural dynamics in general.

Irene Lapuente, Ramon Sangüesa and Enric Senabre will guide some workshops in order to explore the possibilities of rethinking and promoting the communication with the public as well as the participation in the cultural institution own strategy. The first once will be held on the 22th of april from 10 to 6 pm while the followings will be held the 28th of april at the CCCB and the 6th of may at Citilab Cornellà.

Is useful to analyze other possibilities, ramifications and solutions coming from the processes, the methodology and the formats suggested by the interaction styles, shared creation. collaboration and spreading derivated from practices associated to 2.0 technologies.

The conference will be practical following a workshop programme and covering the following subjects:
1. Organizing structures from 2.0
2. Constructive experiences
3. Balance between participation-curation process: participation techniques
4. Hybrid Format
5. Checking experiences
6. Adaptation
7. Building in situ new projects

The workshop is addressed to students and professionals working on the cultural field, both freelancers or institutions employees.


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