Ondarebizia - Participatory Museums Workshop


This year, the Rezola Museum, in collaboration with the Oiasso Museum, presented a new  project: Ondarebizia. This is a project of cultural heritage awareness and a platform that seeks to open new strategies to link heritage and citizenship, and the professionals of the sector.

Within the framework of this project, a line of actions were planned, called ’Open Session’, aimed at professionals in the museum sector, in order to discuss and share different topics of interest.

On the 15th and 16th of May, at the Rezola Museum (Gordailua), it took place the first ‘Open Session’ with the workshop ‘Participatory Museums’ taught by La Mandarina de Newton (within its line of work Co-Creating Cultures).


The workshop was divided in two sessions devoted to question and share concepts and trends around the theme of participation in museums. How do we understand the involvement of the museums? How do we manage it? Public and participatory processes? Why? For what?

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Here you can watch the video of the ‘Open Session I’:


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