ICT Case 2012, the most intriguing competition of technological micro-stories!

Open announcement of the micro-stories competition ‘ICT Case 2012’


ICT Case 2012 is a competition of micro-stories of intrigue related to Information Technology and Communication (ICT), organized by L’Altra ràdio a radio program at Radio 4, the Educational Department of the Catalan Government and la Mandarina de Newton. Jordi de Manuel, a science professor and a writer of intrigue literacy, who has recently published The death of the runner (2012), is joining this initiative too.

The objectives of the ICT Case 2012 competition are: to promote writing and literary creation, to promote the use of Internet and ICTs amongst citizens and schools of Catalonia, to stimulate artistic creation together with critique of language and encourage radio creation with the production of short dramatizations based on the winning stories of this contest.


Groups of students from Upper Primary schools and Secondary Education in Catalonia and citizens over 16 years, individually or in groups are invited to participate.


The works should be short stories of intrigue wtitten in Catalan with a plot involving some device or use related to Information Technology and Communication (ICT).

The micro-stories should have a maximum length of 800 words (a double-spaced, two pages text in Arial 12 font).

The main title, name and surname of the author (s), email address and telephone number must be included on the first page of each work.

Participants in the Upper Primary School and Secondary Education categories must state the names of the responsible teacher and school center, together with the school level.


There are three categories:

  • Upper Primary Education.
  • Secondary Education.
  • General. Open to High School students and anyone over 16 who wants to participate.

General Category

Upper Primary Education
Photo Camera (Hewlett Packard)

Secondary Education
Video Camera (Hewlett Packard)


A selection of submitted works will be published on L’Altra ràdio website and the Co-Creating Cultures blog of La Mandarina de Newton. Winning works in each category will be adapted to radio format and will be broadcasted during June 2012 by L’Altra ràdio. This program will also include a special radio version of the micro-story written by Jordi de Manuel.

Following the competition, the Co-Creating Cultures blog of La Mandarina de Newton will initiate several co-creation proposals with the winning works. Internet users will be invited, through social networks, to create nano-stories collaboratively.

Time and place of submission

The deadline for submitted works ends on Saturday May 12, 2012

Each work must be sent separately in a text file attached to an email, to the adress: castic2012@gmail.com

Selection Process

Various aspects will be evaluated to select finalists and winners:

  • Literary quality of the piece of work.
  • Artistic and aesthetic treatment
  • Creativity.
  • Correct use of language.
  • Plots related with some device or use about Information Technology and Communication (ICT).

The winners of each category will be announced on Friday June 1th, in an edition of L’Altra ràdio at Radio 4.

The jury’s verdict is final.

All participants submitting their micro-story accept the rules of the ICT Case 2012 competition and its organizers state their compromise to make a non-profit use.


The jury is composed of:

  • Jordi de Manuel, writer (President).
  • Irene Lapuente, physicist and founder of La Mandarina de Newton
  • Pitu Martínez, teacher and specialist in ICT for education.
  • Cinto Niqui, journalist and director of L’Altra ràdio
Co-creation and Co-Creating Cultures!

After the competition, the website of La Mandarina de Newton will spark several proposals for co-creation, based on the winning works. During the month of June, the Internet users will be invited to co-create each week a new story starting from the first sentence of the three winning stories (one per category) and the special story written by Jordi de Manuel.

The initiative, called “To Be Continued …”, will propose participants to continue the story started from this first sentence, adding new ones. This co-creation process will take place in parallel in the Co-Creating Cultures blog, its Facebook page and its Twitter @cocreatingcult. Do not miss it!

The result will be new “nano-stories” (even shorter stories) inspired by the beginnings of the winning stories and constructed through the participation of several people. By evolving in parallel the plot across different platforms, we will get a variety of rich and interesting stories.


Photographic credits:  Olarte Ollie, Dark Botxy

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