HackatH2On - a weekend full of creativity!!



Last weekend, 21 and 22 of march 2015, took place at the Museu Agbar de les Aigües and to mark World Water Day, an unique event: the HackatH2On.

The HackatH2On was a hackathon of more than 30 intense hours of creativity, where people from the most varied backgrounds had the opportunity to met and to co-create mobile applications with aim of bringing citizens and the water world into close proximity. Programmers, engineers, designers, museum curators… all accepted the challenge and decided to participate on the HackatH2On.

La Mandarina de Newton was the entity hired by the Museu Agbar de les Aigües to organise this great creativity celebration! There were weeks of  hard-work and the weekend itself, also a marathon for our team… but, certainly, an effort that was well worth it!

Being responsible of making posible that such creative people with an eager to share ideas, innovate and to ‘give one’s all’…, have the opportunity to meet at the same space to co-work on a project, is what make us forget all the effort required.

Also, seing that our work is recognised by the protagonists, make us feel even more motivated to keep on working! And our commitment is also to try to learn as much as posible from each single project, so the next one could be an even better experience for everyone!


A ‘BIG THANKS’ to all of you!!


The call for participation was a success! 5 days before the announced deadline, the 90 available places were already sold out!

With a waiting list that did’t stop growing, the decision to increase the number of H2Ocreatives to 100, was taken!


Finally, on saturday morning, we filled up the Àgora auditorium of the Agbar Museum with more than 80 participants!!

The 24 hard-working hours resulted in over 20 high quality, creative and innovative proposals for mobile applications.

The presentations of the projects took place on sunday morning and, after the difficult task, the jury composed by experts in museology and technology and members from the Agbar Foundation (Ignacio Escudero, CEO of Aigües de Barcelona; Manuel Cermerón, Strategy and development director of Agbar; Xavier Verdaguer, founder of TMT FactoryIntegra InteractiveInnovalleyseven4seven and Imagine Creativity Center; Javier González Abad, Managing director of Citilab; and Lluís Marquina, Director and presenter of Generació Digital TV show from Televisió de Catalunya), chose the three wining teams of the HackatH2On:

  • 1st prize (3.000 euros): Cubus Games, formed by Jordi Solà, Jaume Carballo, Albert Pons and Quim Garreta, which created an interactive fiction application, ‘Agbar – the Water Temple’, suitable for all ages and that, from the visit to the museum, places the user on a drought context, letting him/her think about this future threat.



  • 2nd prize (1.500 euros): SorryFib, formed by Daniel Otero and Guido Arnau, developed ‘H2O Game’, an application that uses gyroscope and fluid simulation and that makes use of the NFC tags located in different museum locations to unlock the game levels while visiting the exhibition.



  • 3rd prize (the ’famous’ HackatH2On chair – a prize that the Agbar Museum decided to give after the spontaneous requests on social networks): O2H, formed by Miquel Llobet and Daniel Torremilans, who developed an application, ‘ShowerUp’, based on the concept of saving water under the shower, in which the users play with their friends trough a ranking competition, with the final goal of reducing water consumption.



As usually happens on a competition like this, there were too many great ideas for the number of prizes… lots of them with a really high quality!!

Our team would like to congratulate and thank ALL for the non-stop hard word and dedication!! We hope you enjoyed as much as we did!


We look forward to seeing you all in some other future activity!!

See you soon!!


HackatH2On - 24 hours programming at the Museu Agbar de les Aigües


La Mandarina de Newton begun a new project with the Museu Agbar de les Aigües (Water Museum), the HackatH2On!!

On march 21 and 22 at the Museu Agbar de les Aigües, and to celebrate the World Water Day, we organize a 24 hours hackathon. The HackatH2On will take place at the premises of the museum and will bring together creative minds to develop innovative mobile applications with the aim of bringing citizens and the water world, and Museum itself, into close proximity.

This will be an unique event in which developers, designers, museum curators and users will have the opportunity of meeting in one place for a fun and intense session of co-creation, coding and collaboration.

Besides the opportunity to be part of a big creativity event, participants will compete for great prizes. There will be a prize in cash for the best app (3,000 euros), the possibility of a second prize in cash for the second best app (1,500 euros), and gifts for all participants. In addition, apps submitted may be future developed in collaboration with the Museu Agbar de les Aigües.

At the end of the event, programmers (individually or in teams) will present their creations to a jury of experts in museology, communication and apps, and representatives of the Museu Agbar de les Aigües.

Registrations are now open! Places are limited!

The deadline for applications is march 20, at 9a.m. (UTC/GMT +1).

Registration and all updated information about the HackatH2On will be available at the event’s webpage: www.hackatH2On.com.


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