Science of the City!

Co-Creating Cultures will start a new participatory exhibition about the Technology and the Science that it is present in the city soon. We will work with the Tech Virtual Museum at San Jose collaboration.

One of the main aim of this project will be to explore the technology and the science principles that are inside and around a city.

Science of the City is an exhibition that wants to enable citizens to participate in its own creation. People will be asked to upload their videos about where they can find technology or science in their own city or any other city that they visit during their work time, hollidays or just travelling around. This project wants to show people that tech and science are not just disciplines made in a lab. We find them everyday in our way to the school or enjoying a movie at the cinema. With this initiative we want to encourage people to look for that tech and science for themselves. They will be the new tech and science communicators!

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