Announcing the winners of Science of the City II!

This second edition of Science of the City will have different phases. It will travel around different cities of the world where it will incorporate new videos, new ideas and new debates.

So far, the first phase of this second edition ended on December 15th. It got a high level participation. The members of the jury have been Irene Lapuente, Ramon Sangüesa, Albert Folk, Claire Ribrault and Livio Riboli-Sasco. They had a hard job choosing for the best videos. Finally, they decided to hand the prizes to these three following videos:

La basura en la ciudad (150€)

Avorriment a l’Institut (150€)
Biogas (150€)

We would like to congratulate the winners and all the rest of the participants for their effort and their learning experienced!

The following steps will lead us to connect the participants with science researchers in the following fields: waste, perception and energy. We will keep you informed!


Ready to vote for the first videos of Science of the City II

The first phase of the Science of the City #2 video contest is already completed.

This time the issues that concerned the participants were energy, waste and colors! Could we get students more interested in what they learn if schools had other colors painted on the walls? How colors in traffic signals affect people? Why recycling bins are yellow and blue, two colors that color-blind people cannot tell apart? Can we create energy from people treading on the streets? And with biogas? And turbines? Can we save energy with more public transportation? And by decreasing thermal contracts? What do we do with our garbage?… These are some of the questions and proposals sent to us.

If you want to vote for them, visit

In late January 2013, Science of the City will travel to Croatia… The deadline for creating videos in this new phase is not over yet! We’ll keep you informed!


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